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Enrolling a child in Holy Family Catholic School ensures excellent academics, character development, and a deepening of the Catholic faith. With a rigorous curriculum and supportive environment, students thrive academically while also growing spiritually through regular Mass, prayer, and religious education. The inclusive and diverse community fosters a welcoming atmosphere, nurturing lasting friendships and appreciation for different cultures. Choosing Holy Family Catholic School provides a well-rounded education that prepares children for success in life while nurturing their Catholic identity.


Admissions Process and Enrollment  

The Admissions Committee selects students on the basis of school records, aptitude and achievement testing, teacher recommendations, and student interviews. Priority consideration is granted to qualified sibling and alumni families as well as to members of Holy Family Catholic Church. All admission decisions are made in the best interest of each student. Once openings in each grade level have been filled, qualified applicants will be placed in an unranked waiting pool to be accepted as new openings occur. 

Tuition and Fees 

Our tuition and fees change every year. Prior to re-enrollment, parents have access to the new tuition and fee schedule. To review the schedule for our current academic year, please click below. 

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance 

Providing your child with a Catholic education is a tremendous gift and takes financial sacrifices. With that said, we want you to be aware of several scholarship and financial aid opportunities that may assist you in reaching your goal of a Catholic education for your child(ren).

  • Do you accept scholarships?
    Yes, but applicants all go through the same application process and admission is not guaranteed.
  • What is required to be submitted with the application?
    Birth Certificate, baptism certificate, current school academic records.
  • The grade I want to apply for is already full. Can I apply now for next year?
    Unfortunately, no. We will begin accepting applications for the following year in February.
  • How much does the tuition cost?
    See the document for our current tuition rates and fees.
  • What is required to qualify for the discounted parishioner rate?
    1. You must be a baptized Catholic (evidenced by a copy of your baptism certificate) AND 2. The student’s family must be registered parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Church for at least one year OR The student’s family is registered at a different parish for at least one year and a letter from the parish stating same is provided.
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