Greetings to our HFCS alumni! Whether you are an alumni parent or student, and no matter when you passed through our school gates for the last time, you are never far from our minds. We try our best to keep up with our students over the years and couldn't be more proud of all they have accomplished. We only pray Holy Family Catholic School played a role in your success.
“Buy A Brick” Program
There are many ways you can keep connected to your alma mater. One way to keep your legacy alive is through our "Buy A Brick" Program. We are now offering the opportunity to "Buy A Brick" to commemorate your child's time spent at HFCS. These bricks will be displayed in the front of our school and in the Fatima Garden. You can also purchase them "in honor" of someone or "in memory" of a loved one. The link below shows how easy it is to purchase yours & support HFCS, too!
Social Media

We truly do want to know more about your lives. Please follow us on our social media pages, specifically designed for our alumni. Feel free to post your thoughts, memories and photos (past and present) on our Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter alumni pages!
Alumni Survey

Nothing would give me more pleasure than hearing about your life thus far. Please take a brief moment and share your information by filling out a quick survey by clicking here:
Remember, “Once a Lion.. Always a Lion!"