Fine Arts

All programs and clubs at Holy Family are designed to give our students opportunities to explore, celebrate, and demonstrate their abilities to their fullest potential. Our students’ creative sides are fostered by an outstanding Fine Arts program featuring Band, Chorus, Art, & Theater Programs.

Opportunities are available for both elementary and middle school thespians behind the scenes and on stage. Additionally, students collaborate on various platforms including closed-circuit television production and creating elaborate set pieces and backdrops for stage productions.

Our Art classes develop a greater appreciation of art and our students’ God given talents. w/e believe all of our Fine /Arts programs cultivate discipline as well as the appreciation for the aesthetics.



For students in 4th grade and above who play wind instruments or percussion, we offer two different groups - the Preparatory Band for beginners, and the Concert Band for the more advanced students. All players are welcome in the Preparatory Band, while the Concert Band requires auditions - as it plays challenging music and reads at a much faster pace. Both bands will perform throughout the year, with the Concert Band playing at the formal Spring and Christmas Concerts.


For students in the 4th grade and above who play other instruments such as string guitar, piano or who have always wanted to learn percussion, Holy Family also offers a school jam group- Percussion Team. This after school club learns the ins and outs of percussion instrumentation, notation, performance, and style. Students are treated to guest speakers, teachers, workshops and clinics on numerous styles. Percussion Team offers a great opportunity for students to express their musical ideas and creativity.



For singers in 3rd grade and above, the Holy Family Choir offers an excellent opportunity to students in 3rd grade or above to sing and make music together. Advanced students will be challenged with leadership roles, while beginning students are given a comfortable and safe atmosphere to develop their voices. Younger singers are often welcome to join, but by audition only.




Students take (and make!) the stage at Holy Family! Grades Pre-K through 8th direct their energy, focus, and presence in weekly drama classes where they learn about and practice both the art and technical skills necessary to bring theatrical productions to life. Each year, Holy Family students participate in an annual musical production that you won’t want to miss. Past productions include Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, and The Sound of Music.